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Reentry Services

We focus our efforts on supporting those who have been incarcerated in jails and prisons by connecting them with services and resources that are specific to them. Our team of professionals all have lived experience and have successfully transitioned from prison to self sufficiency. Our unique approach is driven by our desire to see barriers broken down. The journey to self sufficiency from poverty is difficult in any city but it is especially difficult for those who have a criminal background and in many cases a documented disability. Will you assist us today?

Community Advocacy

Our most vulnerable populations are in need of advocates as they try to navigate through technological changes . Through our experience working with and assisting those who have been in prison, chronically houseless, live below the poverty line and the elderly we have discovered that they need assistance filling out online forms, someone to speak on their behalf and lessons with using the internet or a cell phone. Become a community advocate today and you could make a major impact in someones life today.

Homeless to Housing

We have developed a system that allows us as a community to assist men and women who have struggled with housing due to having a criminal background obtain housing. Finding suitable housing with a background is difficult but with community support it has proven to be possible. Are you willing to help? Ask how your time, resources and expertise can be put to use to change someones life.

Become a Freedom Fighting Missionary

Contact us to learn how to become a missionary in your community. Once you join you will receive a email with a welcome video outlining the work we do and how you can assist in your local community. History will ask us what did we do to assist one another

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We provide a connection to resources that are available to those who are formerly incarcerated or criminal justice involved.

What do you specialize in?

We specialize in intensive reentry services that lead to self sufficiency

What type of programs or resources do you have for those with a criminal background?

We assist with obtaining identifications, job readiness courses, referrals to healthcare, access to free skill training , access to counseling and mental health services, access to financial literacy and credit coaching classes, assistance with housing search and overall community support and voter registration for the formerly incarcerated.

How do I sign up or get help for myself or a loved one?

Click the Start My Journey tab and fill in the information and our team will contact you right away and get you started on your path to success.

What if my loved one is still incarcerated ?

We will start preparing a plan for their release which will help the process move along faster. Contact us today !

Do you charge for your services?

The services we provide are free to the people we serve.

How can I support your mission?

We accept donations and you can sign up to become a Freedom Fighting Missionary in your community and pledge to support those returning from jails and prisons.


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support the formerly incarcerated.
make checks out to 
 Freedom Fighting Missionaries  222 s church st. charlotte, nc 28202 .
a tax deductible 501c3 non profit organization.

About Freedom Fighting Missionaries Inc.

Kenny Robinson was incarcerated at 23 years old, serving a 10-year sentence in a federal prison. At 33, he was released and faced several challenges that many formally incarcerated people face: Limited sustainable jobs or careers, no access to ID and documentation, unmet basic needs, inadequate healthcare resources, and poor paying jobs. As a father of 5, he took a $7.25 job to provide for himself and family. He completed 100s of applications being given the opportunity to work as an automotive sales rep. He quickly climbed the ladder and became sales manager. He left the industry ten years later and pursued his passion for starting a nonprofit. As Founder and President of Freedom Fighting Missionaries, Mr. Robinson assists the formerly incarcerated in obtaining identification, providing job readiness courses, healthcare referrals, counseling and mental health services, financial literacy, credit coaching classes, voter registration, and community advocacy. Mr. Robinson’s dedication to abolitionism and Black liberation has gained him community wide support. Each $25-$50 contribution from his supporters helps to sustain the services provided to hundreds of formerly incarcerated individuals. Mr. Robinson is a walking testimony for formerly incarcerated people everywhere who share in his belief that perseverance, advocacy, and fighting towards freedom for all leaves a lasting impact not only for oneself, but whomsoever desires to successfully regain their rights and freedoms upon release.

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09:00am – 06:00pm

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